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Arm Your Website To The Teeth

Make your website the hub of your digital marketing activity.

Rather than trying to use a bunch of costly and overly complicated digital marketing tools, why not have the marketing tools you need built into your website and included in the cost?

All Really Good Websites are designed around your specific sales and marketing requirements and can incorporate any or all of the following proven digital marketing techniques and tools.

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Easy Website Analytics

As a marketing manager, data is your best friend, however many marketing professionals find Google analytics to be overwhelming.

Don’t worry, your data analysis is about to crank up to hero-level.

Tldr: All Really Good Websites come with Google Analytics and Independent Analytics so you can easily make important marketing decisions based on your websites data.

What are website analytics?

Websites gather a huge amount of data that can be useful to marketing managers. You can see which are the popular pages on your website, which pages you are losing traffic on, where your visitors are coming from and how long they spend on your site.

Google Analytics is the industry standard (and with good reason) but many people find it a little overwhelming to simply ‘dip into’.

Also, recent changes to GDPR have made it harder for tools like Google Analytics to gather user data without user permission due to the volume of data they gather and how they then use that data.

A simpler approach to website analytics

For day-to-day use, marketing professionals often only use some basic data points to allow them to make strategic decisions or for simply reporting to stakeholders.

This is why all Really Good Websites come with a second analytics tool to complement Google Analytics.

Easy to understand analytics dashboard makes decision making and reporting easy.

Independent Analytics Pro (IAP) comes with every Really Good Website on a support package. IAP has been designed specifically for Wordpress and gives you the information you need in a clear and simple interface. Users can easily create and track UTM codes, see which are your popular pages and where your best website traffic is coming from.


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