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Arm Your Website To The Teeth

Make your website the hub of your digital marketing activity.

Rather than trying to use a bunch of costly and overly complicated digital marketing tools, why not have the marketing tools you need built into your website and included in the cost?

All Really Good Websites are designed around your specific sales and marketing requirements and can incorporate any or all of the following proven digital marketing techniques and tools.

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Email Marketing

Power-up your website with Email Marketing add-ons.

Using your website to build your subscriber list and also send your email marketing campaigns is easy to do and a great way to increase your brand awareness and sales figures.

TL;DR: You can use your website to push leads into your preferred email marketing platform such as MailChimp or HubSpot or you can choose from a variety of professional email marketing tools that can be added to  your support package.

Why is email marketing so important?

Email marketing is a relatively low cost way to market your business, but, if you take the time to build up a subscribers list and don’t cross the line from ‘useful’ to ‘spammy’ then it is also very effective at increasing sales and building brand awareness.

As email marketing is highly track-able, marketeers can use it to test offers and monitor engagement.
It can also be automated and play a key part in your marketing pipeline.

With additional tracking, it can often be connected to your CRM system and help ‘score’ leads based on interaction with your emails and website.

Can I gather email marketing leads with my new website?

Yes, forms can be added for encouraging sign-ups anywhere on your website you like. They can even be split-tested to see which are more effective at gaining subscribers.

The forms can connect to many leading email and CRM platforms such as MailChimp, HubSpot or Salesforce, or you can reduce your costs even further and use one of the two systems listed below that would be included in your maintenance agreement.

The benefit of storing and managing your own data makes you more GDPR compliant as the data isn’t stored in other countries as is the case with some of the leading marketing email platform providers.

What options do you offer?

There are two main email marketing platforms that can be added to your website should you wish to use them.

The licence for these are included in your support and maintenance agreement.

Mail poet

MailPoet is a well used email marketing platform and with good cause. It is fully integrated into your website, especially if you have ecommerce enabled. Your account will support up to 10,000 subscribers with unlimited sends making it a very cost effective alternative to Mail Chimp.

The interface is very easy to use and it also allows for some basic automations.

This is the most popular option amongst the majority of clients.

Fluent CRM

Fluent CRM is a more complex solution for emails and is more suited for people who rely heavily on email marketing and data collection to make their sales decisions.

Fluent CRM is not only an email marketing platform, but also a very capable CRM solution as well. It is highly automatable and can be personalised to suit your specific requirements.

Fluent requires a third party ‘ email API system’ to send emails. We can set you up with either Amazon SES or PostMark (recommended for ease). At the time of writing, SES is about £10 per month for up to 10,000 sends and PostMark is £20 per month if we set it up for you for 10,000 sends per month making it a VERY affordable way to send professional marketing emails.


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