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I built my first website in 1996.
It was terrible...

Everything flashed or wobbled and screamed for attention, it took about 10 minutes to load and if you moved the web browser window, even by a little bit, the website fell apart.

But I was smitten.

Leeds Website designer

“I only wish we had met you years ago – this website is ‘exactly’ what we need.” – A. Corbett, Roltrac.

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Since then, I’d like to think I’ve got better…

I have worked my entire life in Advertising, Branding and Marketing. Understanding ‘what’ makes people buy has always fascinated me and I consume great swathes of information on the topic ranging from marketing ‘OG’s’ like Philip Kotler and David Ogilvy through to modern thinkers such as Daniel Kahneman and Byron Sharp.

But throughout it all, my passion has always been websites.

Website are MASSIVELY under-utilised by most companies in the United Kingdom. While social media channels come and go, digital platforms boom and bust, your website remains a constant.

Your website and your marketing toolkit are two areas of the internet that you (should) have complete control over.

Websites built for marketing managers and business owners

I set up and ran my own marketing agency for 20 years and sold it in 2021 in which time I learned so much about digital marketing and must have used 100+ different different marketing tools and platforms.

Really Good Websites is an amalgamation of all that knowledge and technology.

I now work full-time as a website designer in Leeds, building websites that feature the tools you need to make your digital marketing a success.

My 20+ years of knowledge and services are at your disposal to assist in helping you grow your business using the power of a Really Good Website.

Tim Chorlton

What to expect…

Every marketing manager has their own way of working, some clients like lots of hand-holding and support, others want the tools and leap into action.

I work well with both styles and fully understand the needs of marketing managers.

All projects are different, but as a rule of thumb you can expect…



Meet to understand your marketing strategy.


Design and Build

Create a website to suit your specific marketing needs.



Website hosting and security is all fully maintained.



A range of support levels for website marketing.

Knowledge Share

NEW: Access 20+ years of marketing experience.

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Tim Chorlton

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