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Everything You Need For A Successful Website

Everything You Need
For A Successful Website

What is the definition of a successful website?

In my eyes, a successful website attracts visitors and converts them to customers, sales, leads or whatever the primary goal of the website is.

Everything you need for a successful website can be yours with a Really Good Website.

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Hosting, Software and Maintenance

Everything you need to have a bespoke website up and running and kept safe and secure is covered with a simple annual Security Maintenance and Hosting Support Agreement.

All plans a designed to take all the stress out of owning a website and priced to make it a no-brainer to have often saving you £1000’s per year on third party software costs.

TL;DR: Sleep peacefully at night knowing your website is safe and sound.

Software Licences

Let me start with the exciting stuff!

The main licences required to run your website are all covered in your Security Maintenance agreement. You also have the option to utilise a whole raft of additional marketing tools saving you potentially £1000’s.

Those tools include:-

  • Split testing software
  • Email Marketing Software
  • Heat Map and Recording Software
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Landing Pages
  • Conditional Forms
  • Dynamic Content
  • Third Party Data Integrations (SalesForce, HubSpot, DropBox etc)

Find out more about these marketing tools in the website features section.

On occasion a project a project will need a specific solution to make it work, these usually fall outside of the standard agreement and will be discussed with you at the time. We can manage the licence for you and add the cost to your agreement.

Security Maintenance Plans

Twenty years ago, a cybercriminal was a spotty teenager in a bedroom trying to hack the pentagon before bedtime. These days cybercrime is a multi-billion dollar industry and nothing online, left unprotected, is safe, not even your doorbell (assuming it’s connected to the internet).

While nothing online is 100% secure, your website is protected from the worst and prepared should the worst ever happen.

Plans include:-

  • Regular Software Updates
  • Security Hardening including 2FA if required
  • Malware Scanning
  • Malware Cleaning
  • On and Off Server backups
  • 24 hour remote monitoring
  • SSL certificates
  • Maintenance Report

Penetration tests are available for e-commerce and data sensitive websites.


Your site can be hosted anywhere in the world depending on your customer base and data-protection laws (although most of the sites managed are hosted in the UK).

We offer hosting plans to suit all budgets and requirements and hosting can be scaled to grow as your business grows, or temporarily increased to support anticipated traffic spikes caused by marketing campaigns or seasonal events.

If your IT guys want to geek out on tech talk, we are more than happy to discuss options and explain server set-ups.

If you don’t care about the tech and just want your site to be fast and available, then, yup, we’ve got you covered.


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