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Split Testing

What is split testing?

Split testing (also known as A/B testing) is a method of comparing two or more versions of a web page to determine which one performs best. Your website can have split testing built in which is really easy to use.

TLDR: You can simply split test entire pages, or elements on a page easily with a Really Good Website.

Why is split testing important?

Split testing is an invaluable methodology for digital marketers and website owners looking to optimise their website, specifically for increasing sales or lead generation.

a diagram to show how split testing works.

Split testing allows you to test two variations of a web page against each other, getting real-time insights into which version works better.

How does split testing work?

Typically, you test theories with split testing. So, for example, you might want to see which lead magnet offer works the best.

You would create two forms, each with a different offer, or wording or design and then run your experiment.

Ideally you would want at least 1000 ‘tests’ to begin drawing conclusions, which ever test is statistically more successful, you would keep or even create a new test and repeat the process.

Can I see an example of split testing?

Yes. Here is one below. You will see one of two buttons, a red one or a blue one. If this were a ‘true’ split test, then the results as to which button got pressed the most would be displayed in the backend of your website.

But it’s not just buttons you can split test. You can test images, headlines, copy, layouts – you name it, you can test it.

And the best thing about Split Testing with a Really Good Website is not only how easy it is to set up (see the video below) but how clear and simple the results are to understand.

Split Testing Results

See instant results to your Split Test experiments on a clean dashboard within your website.

How does a Really Good Website handle split testing?

If you are on a maintenance support agreement, then the software to run your split tests is included.

See the video below to see how easy it is to set up and run a split test experiment.


Typically split testing has been difficult to manage and requires complicated, technical software, but not any more.


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