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Arm Your Website To The Teeth

Make your website the hub of your digital marketing activity.

Rather than trying to use a bunch of costly and overly complicated digital marketing tools, why not have the marketing tools you need built into your website and included in the cost?

All Really Good Websites are designed around your specific sales and marketing requirements and can incorporate any or all of the following proven digital marketing techniques and tools.

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SEO Ready Websites

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of helping Google understand what your website is about so your website gets found when people search on the internet.

TLDR: Your website comes with one of the best SEO optimisation tools installed and ready for you to use.

Why is search engine optimisation important for your website?

For your website to be successful, it must have visitors. There are many ways you can get visitors to your website, mostly they are from paid-for-services such as Google adwords.

Chart showing the effects on analytics from SEO

Graph showing the increased traffic potential caused by SEO

However, when you use Google to look for products or services, below the paid adverts, there are ‘organic’ links which don’t cost you a penny when people click on them.

SEO is about getting your website to be one of these links near the top of the search results.

Is Search Engine Optimisation easy?

Yes and no.

Yes, the skills required are mostly easy – if you can write, you are well on your way. However, you still need a well structured website which helps Google understand what the website is about.

Will my website be found on Google?

Again, yes and no.

The software included with your website ensures the structure is in place and let’s you write content and check to see how well optimised it is – but in itself, the software doesn’t get you to rank highly on Google, it’s the quality and structure of the content you produce.

So if you ARE going to commit to producing great content on your website, everything you need to do that is included with your new website.


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