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Being a marketing manager is a tough gig and you need every trick you can squeeze up your sleeve to keep you ahead of your competition.

Meet your new best friend – The Marketing Managers Best Friend or #TMMBF for short.

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“I deal with a lot of people in marketing agencies, Tim is the only person I know who makes marketing sound like an understandable science, not a load of buzzword filled BS” – Bob Roberts, Accountants Advice.

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So what or who is The Marketing Managers Best Friend?

When I ran a full-service marketing agency, all the information I now share freely with my clients was a closely guarded secret, my stock and trade, my bread and butter.

But now, in my new venture, I am 100% focussed on my first true love – websites (pretty sad huh?).

So why am I now prepared to ‘spill my guts’?

Simply because I know from 20-odd-years of working with Marketing Managers, they all welcome a little help and advice from time-to-time. Don’t we all?

So what can you expect from #TMMBF?

I’m a marketing nerd. I don’t mind admitting it. From my earliest days working in the industry, I was fascinated by what makes people make a buying decision?

These days, I am happy to nerd-out with anyone who is willing to listen.

I offer advice based on real-world-experience on subjects such as:-

SEO, Lead Generation, CRO, PPC, Buyer Psychology, Marketing Strategy, Marketing tools and more.

So rather than deliver this repeatedly on a one-to-one basis, I’ve decided to stick into a variety of formats and share it with whoever wants to listen.

These might be blog posts, videos, how-to-guides, reviews, AMA sessions, but whatever the format, you can be sure the information is going to be useful to you as a UK based Marketing Manager. Pinkie promise.

This is a new journey for me, so why not come along for the ride?

OK, so, what does it cost?

Nothing. Nada. Diddly-squat. Zilch.

Sure, in the future I might offer some premium courses or something like that, but for the most part I want to help busy Marketing Managers, just like you, be a little more effective and a little less busy.

OK, so what do I get out of it?

Good question. No such thing as a free dinner eh?

I hope that by sharing useful, practical, UK focused advice on how to utilise marketing tools, platforms and techniques to their best advantage, you might, when the time is right, consider making your next website a Really Good Website.

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